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Our Promise & What We Offer to Our Members

-Usage of Bruno, Colin & Lowe law firm for contract negotiations. 

-Institutional participation in city meetings that matter to you: 

KCRT, Public Safety Committee, City Council Meetings, Civil Service & Monthly Council Meetings.

-Legal Plan Transparency - Top tier Legal/Administrative representation through PORAC with no votes, caps or politics. 

          - All on & off duty legal coverage with no caps.

          - All administrative & IA aspects covered with no caps.

          - All work related civil coverage with no caps.

-Ability to speak to a lawyer at any time about work related concerns at no cost.  

-Dues go exclusively to cover the needs of Aurora Police Officers, not politicians or uninvolved state/national lodges.

-Member of PORAC representing 130,000 law enforcement officers


-Open elections for APA board members.

-Partnerships with local universities to offer continuing and higher education to our members.

-Scholarships, Community Partnerships and Charitable Events.

-Extended Accident/Life insurance plans through Colonial Life.

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